Cruising is an incredible way to see different areas while all the while enjoying the cruising lifestyle and having everything catered for you. You can explore Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and Antarctica just to name a few. Once you catch the cruising bug you will want to see the whole world in this style.

Ocean Cruises
Ocean Cruising from Australia is a fantastic option for families, couples and groups. There is a cruise for all occasions including special interest cruises put in place for special events such as 2017 State of Origin or Dark Mofo in Hobart. Ocean Cruises you will often be at sea for several days and therefore not dock on land for a few days at a time which is great for those who love to feel like they are cut off from the world and on an adventure in the ocean.

River Cruises
For those who like a more personal touch River Cruising is the way to go. With River Cruises being a smaller vessel there are less lining up to board/disembark and you are likely to get to know the people on your cruise. River Cruises have the distinct advantage of docking at a central point of the city you are visiting therefore easy to reach your attractions and take part in sightseeing. You do not get the majestic ocean view from river cruises but for those who get a little sea sick it is nice to be able to spot land constantly and to know you will be docking each day.

Why book your cruise with Travel Design International?
The Travel Design International team have been on cruises ranging from P&O to the Pacific Islands to special interest cruise to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and Silversea cruise in Vietnam. TDI consultant Meagan worked a cruise ships for several years so it is safe to say we know cruises inside out and will make sure you go on the right cruise for your needs and expectations.

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Fun Fact: In 2004, a study was published showing that retiring to a cruise ship was often as cost effective as retiring to a retirement home and that cruise ships were more effective in providing quality of life.