Adventure Holiday

Adventure holidays are amazing to do on your own, with a group of friends or with the one you love. To push oneself to the edge of your comfort zone can be so incredibly rewarding and one of the best ways to get an unforgettable experience while discovering a new land. Adventure Holiday tourism is booming and there are so many small group tours you can join for your next adventure.

Australian Adventure Getaways
Australia is a big country full of adventurous little nooks and crannies and the home to some of the best and longest road trips in the world. A trip on many Australian’s bucket list is the Nullarbor which takes you from South Australia through to Perth, it’s a long and arduous road which also has some incredible places along the way. Another incredible trip is the drive from Darwin to Broome, which is the last frontier in Australian tourism and still not explored by many Australians. This can only be done by 4WD and you need to bring plenty of extra drinking water and food suppliers, you really don’t know what can happen to you on this road trip.

Overseas Adventure Getaways
There are so many fantastic overseas adventures that you can take part in; a safari to Africa, the Inca Trail or even Antarctica for those who really want to go where few others have gone before. A really challenging adventure is the trek to Everest Base Camp, completely achievable for any reasonably fit person who is prepared to do the necessary training and just to see Mount Everest in all its glory is truly special.

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Fun Fact: Only 1% of the world’s population has visited Antarctica.