At Travel Design International we understand that corporate travel reporting is a fundamental aspect of service provision to businesses. Our systems are able to provide our corporate clients with comprehensive, user-friendly and adaptable reports that are as detailed or segmented as suitable as you need them to be.

All our booking systems are fully integrated with our databases and reporting modules, and as such, no manual manipulation of reports is required which minimizes the risk of human error during reporting and also increases turnaround time.

Travel Design International is able to supply our clients with various options for statements and corporate travel reports, some examples are:

  • Supplier report
  • Destination reports
  • Days away reports
  • Lead in days reports
  • Payment method reports
  • Traveller or department specific reports
  • Cost centre reports
  • Event specific reports
  • Compliance reporting

These corporate travel reports can also be manipulated to meet specific and individual client needs. They can also be emailed in various formats to assist with internal client procedures.

Also, in order to promote environmental sustainability and corporate travel sustainability, Travel Design International is able to provide our clients with Climate Friendly reporting. These reports assist our clients in managing environmental practices and offsetting their carbon footprint. We are fully sustainable in our South Melbourne Head Office and encourage our Corporate Travel partners to join us in focusing on a climate friendly environment.

We provide regular ongoing periodic corporate travel reporting to our clients; however we are also happy to respond to ad-hoc report requests at no extra cost.

To find out how Travel Design International can help you company, please don’t hesitate to contact us for obligation free advice.