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Our vision is to provide a quality, comprehensive and cost effective travel service every time.In today’s fast paced society, some business and company employees prefer to research and book their own corporate travel arrangements, however companies still want to be able to monitor and approve corporate travel in a cost efficient way. As a result, many may prefer the convenience of a corporate travel online booking engine which enables access to flights and prices at anytime, anywhere.

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At Travel Design Internationl we recognise this and as such, we implemented a user friendly corporate travel online booking tool which enables companies and travellers to book their own flights online through Travel Design International.

This system is called Serko Online®. Travel Design International and Serko® provide a unique, user friendly system which captures all traveller information and safely stores them in an engine. By using this system, travellers can log on from any computer with access to the internet, research corporate travel requirements and prices, and book their own travel… it’s that simple!

So no more forgetting to bring your passport details or membership information to book your trip… Travel Design International and Serko® have it covered!

This system can be as flexible or restrictive as required to comply with companies’ corporate travel policies. It can permit specific travel bookers or employees to make travel enquiries… or any combination of permissions as required.

Other elements of this system include:

  • Display of corporate rates for suppliers at front end, so our clients can see their pre-negotiated rates displayed online; so there are no more surprises upon invoicing, our clients will always know what they’re liable for.
  • Selection of cost centres and departments at front end, so there is no need for further manipulation to be done by our consultants in the back end, which minimizes human error at the time of reporting.
  • Storage of all traveller information, to accelerate the booking process.
  • Segmentation of traveller information to specific corporate travel bookers. Maximises compliance by ensuring users are only able to book on behalf of employees they are authorised to book for.
  • Confidential payment information. Company payment information is only enabled to users authorised to book corporate travel, and in such instances all payment information is secure and not displayed to employees. Also, different payment methods can be used for different cost centres, departments, offices, travellers…etc, as required.
  • Implementation and restriction of bookings can be enforced through Serko® by only displaying fares and suppliers authorised by company policies. Introduction of spending thresholds, reason codes, purchase orders and various other tools which allow enforcement of these policies and reporting against these.

Travel Design International and Serko® provide a one-stop shop for all your travel needs, book airfares, hotels, cars and transfers and have all information displayed in one single itinerary… Never has organising corporate travel been such an enjoyable experience!!

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