Conferences can be strenuous activities to organise for companies of all sizes. At Travel Design International we can assist you in various aspects of the conferencing process by ensuring your staff can go on with their regular work and we’ll take care of the conference for you… with minimal disruptions to your day to day activities. Travel Design International can take over much of the time consuming, arduous corporate travel work for you as you need us to.

You may need us to only book the corporate travel and flights for a certain number of officials… or you may need us to develop corporate registration forms, coordinate responses, enter corporate travel profiles into our systems, book all related corporate travel, accommodation and transfers… You dictate what you need us to do, and we’ll have a solution!

With the assistance of our internal operating systems and databases we can provide ongoing progress reports for all your delegates. We can split one-off events from general corporate travel bookings related to your account as well, so we can report on various aspects of the specific event.

There are a range of activities that Travel Design International can do to support your company throughout the course of corporate group events, but some of these are:

  • Airfare bookings and group negotiations
  • Transfers to and from airport/venue(s)/hotel etc
  • Accommodation bookings and group negotiations with venues
  • Arrangement and booking of tours and other activities for delegates or other attendees
  • Conference room bookings
  • Corporate travel reporting
  • Gathering of travel profiles from travellers and guests
  • Group travel insurance
  • Evaluation and feedback forms
  • Ability to undertake separate personal add-ons and split costing from group arrangements whilst still taking advantage of group discounts!

To find out how Travel Design International can help your company during your next conference or event, please don’t hesitate to contact us for obligation free advice or some in and see us in South Melbourne.