Unique Easter Traditions

Unique Easter Traditions

One of the best things about travelling is experiencing different cultures and seeing how they celebrate traditional occasions. Every country has a different perspective and Easter traditions is no exception. From whipping people to spraying the girl you admire with cologne to indulging in a weekend of reading crime novels there are some truly unique Easter traditions in this list.


In Sweden you would be forgiven for thinking it was Halloween over Easter. Children dress up as colourful Easter witches and go from house to house to show off their paintings and drawings in return for sweets. After collecting sweets the children also take part in an Easter egg hunt which can be quite elaborate and involves following clues and solving riddles.


Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic Easter Monday is the big day and Easter Sunday is spent preparing for Monday. Girls hand paint eggs and make them beautiful to give to boys on Easter Monday. In return the boys braid whips made from pussywillow twigs and whip girls on the legs. It is all in good spirits though as being whipped is meant to bring health and vitality to the person being whipped.



Easter in Brazil is so Brazilian. There are mini carnivale type festivities on Good Friday with outdoor street parties. On a darker side there is also a tradition of ‘beating up’ Judas, the apostle known for betraying Christ. People make straw men representing Judas and hang them on the streets and then beat the straw men up. The Judas figures are depicted at times as disgraced politicians or other men who have fallen from grace.



Hungary is the place to celebrate Easter for the single men and ladies. Unmarried girls wear their best clothes and await the arrival of their admirers. The men come along and splash the women with lightly scented cologne. In response the girl offers up painted eggs, cookies and an alcoholic beverage. The man then moves on to the next girl to spray her and collect his goods.



Norway is the place to celebrate Easter for all the book worms out there. Reading crime stories and detectives novels during Easter is what the people of Norway indulge in. Each year Easter thrillers are released for the holiday season. Once done with reading the people of Norway enjoy a game of Yahtzee to round up their Easter celebrations.



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