Sporting Events You Should Travel for in 2017

Sporting Events You Should Travel for in 2017

The confirmation today that Connor McGregor will be boxing against Floyd Mayweather got us thinking about epic sporting events that are worth travelling to. Travelling for sporting events is one of the best reasons to travel. You can take in the atmosphere of a major event whilst cheering and supporting your team. The last half of 2017 has some spectacular sporting events to get behind and a great excuse to start planning your next getaway.

Las Vegas

Connor McGregor V Floyd Mayweather

There is just something about this event that makes the hair on your arms stand up. There has been nothing quite like this sporting event before, it is an unprecedented fight in so many ways and the build-up will be extraordinary. The event itself is in Las Vegas on August 26th and Las Vegas is undoubtedly the perfect host for this event. The Irish, that are guaranteed to turn out in droves, are famous for being the worlds most fun crowd. For these reasons if going to Vegas is on your bucket list this is the event to make it to. No matter what the result is at this event, history will be made on this night.

New Zealand

Lions Tour

Every four years the best Rugby Union players in Britain and Ireland form a formidable team of the British & Irish Lions and travel to either Australia or New Zealand to take on their national team. This June/July 2017 its New Zealand turn to host the Lions, the three big games will be held in Auckland and Wellington. There are no more daunting opponents than the All Blacks and the Lions will have their work cut out for them. The best country to witness Rugby Union is in New Zealand, where Rugby is truly their national sport and the fans are extremely passionate.


Rugby League World Cup 2017

The Rugby League World Cup is playing out over 13 different cities. Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are all hosting the event throughout October, November and December 2017. The men and women’s finals will be in held in Brisbane on the 2nd of December. Brisbane is home to the most passionate Rugby League supporters in Australia and this city will come alive for this event. The sun will be shining, the Rugby will be spectacular and the crowd will be excited.


AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final is played every year in Melbourne. This city is so passionate about AFL that they have a public holiday on the Friday so people can attend the Grand Final Parade. Melbourne, which also has a public holiday for a horse race in November, takes sport very seriously and Grand Final day is a sacred event. While every year the AFL Final is an incredibly event 2017 has seen extra interest for AFL due to incredibly close level of competition between all teams. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to convince you to travel to Melbourne for the Grand Final the pre-game entertainment is set to be The Killers. The only place to be on 30 September 2017 is Melbourne.

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