The Life Stages of Travelling

We at Travel Design International love travelling and we all have different ideas about what kind of holidays we like to go on now and the holidays we used to love going on when we were younger, which got us thinking about the different life stages of travelling.

Stage 1 – Childhood beach holiday
The beach brings back a certain feeling, the smell of sunscreen, the sun, the surf, it all evokes a certain something, a memory that you can’t quite place and that’s usually from the first family holiday you went on with the family. A trip to the beach is where most Aussie kids will have their first holiday memories, the long days of endless fun, being allowed to stay up late and parents being relaxed and in happy moods are possibly why we associate holidays with such happy feelings.

Stage 2 – Teenager summer holiday
Family holiday with mum and dad as a teenager can be a very different experience to much loved childhood holiday. There can now be this awkwardness of being away with the family who you are a bit embarrassed of (a necessary stage for all teenagers) and missing your friends. However, there is a saving grace of this family holiday and that is the holiday romance. Your family holiday to a resort will most likely be filled with other families doing the same thing, and that means other teenagers! A first kiss watching the sunset swiftly turns this holiday from a disaster to your first summer love.

Stage 3 – First trip with group of friends
You are all grown up now and just turned 18 and it is time for a week holiday away with the girls/boys! The feeling of freedom and elation embarking on your first holiday as an adult knows no bounds. The days of planning, the picking of the perfect beach town, working out who will share rooms, researching the best clubs in the area will make this your most talked about and exciting holiday. This rite of passage holiday may not go completely to plan, but the laughs and the fun and the feeling of independence of this trip will always live in your heart as one of your best.

Stage 4 – Backpacking
In your mid 20’s the lure of Europe becomes increasingly tempting. A Europe summer playing on the Greek Islands, and partying in Ibiza is a temptation that is hard to resist! There is one problem though, in your 20’s you don’t have much money and this welcomes you to the wonderful world of backpacking. What becomes unthinkable after a certain age is perfectly acceptable and, to be honest, the best time ever when you are at the backpacking stage of your travels. Sharing a room with strangers and cooking pasta every night is more than adequate and so completely worth it.

Stage 5 – Luxury Travel
In the blink of an eye the backpacking window closes and the accommodation becomes part of the making of a great holiday. You are only granted four weeks a year annual leave so it’s more about quality of your holiday rather than quantity. Your first holiday where you stay at a stunning resort and dine out at a Michelin star restaurant changes everything. This is your time to stay at THE accommodations, The Bellagio in Vegas or the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai. After this stage you might be going back to stage 1, however this time you are the one creating those incredible memories for your kids.

Stage 6 – Cruising
You have travelled all over this fine world and explored hundreds of new cities, eaten all the food, discovered the world’s best bars and perhaps had a couple of close calls when walking down a dark street at night. You are ready to sit back and relax be taken care of, yep, you are ready for cruising. The choices of cruises are endless there are some that last days, some weeks and some you can stay on all year, you can cruise the rivers in Europe or the Carribbean, you are pampered and everything you need is on board. At every port you can arrange a tour or explore on your own, the world is still your oyster.

If you want help planning your next holiday, no matter what travelling stage you are in get in touch with us on 1300 360 809 or email and we would love to show you what we can do.