Different Types of Travellers

Throughout your travel you will meet many different people and characters, some of them will warm your heart and some will make you roll your eyes. These people make up the memories, fun and laughter of your trip and add to your adventures. Here are some of the types of travellers you are guaranteed to meet at some stage of your travelling life.                         

Been there done that… but it was better when I did it

Some people seem to absolutely revel in the fact that they have been to every destination that you are just about to travel to. Not only have they been there and done everything that is worth doing, they also need to tell you that wherever you are heading has become too touristy and that you have missed out on the authentic experience that they experienced. How they manage to get to every destination just before it becomes commercialised is a mystery that no one will ever be able to answer.



The Eternal backpacker

Every backpacker has one of these. The Eternal Backpacker is aged anywhere from 50 upwards and they are treated with great respect.  Like a wise tortoise, they are a little weathered from all of their travels and moving a little slower than their spirited counterparts. They have been to unique destinations and substitute fancy hotels for hostels so that they can dedicate all their spare time to exploring new places. The stories  they tell have real substance and they can offer great advice and ideas. Share your bottle of wine with this eternal backpacker and you will be rewarded with a night of stories and laughter.


Tech Savvy

The new breed of traveller is a lot more tech savvy than of yester year. You can spot this traveller at the airport in the ‘checked in online’ queue. They may have a small smirk on their face as they look at the other long queue with people clutching their paper print out of their flight ticket. Everything they need is downloaded onto their phone and if possible they will avoid all forms of human interaction to drop off their checked in luggage. Their hotel choice will be strongly influenced by services like Free Wi-Fi and gadgets such as in-room tablets to order your room service and showers where you can change the walls from transparent to opaque by pushing a button.


The Insta Traveller

If you go to the Eiffel Tower but don’t put a photo up on Instagram did it really happen? To the Insta Traveller absolutely not! You can recognise an Insta traveller as different to a standard tourist taking happy snaps by their dedication to getting the photo exactly right. In 2016 the obligatory photos for every Insta traveller was their boarding pass with a glass of bubbles (double points if travelling business class), their partner taking a picture of them from behind while they are holding hands and the hot dog legs overlooking an ocean. Insta Travellers keep up with the latest trends and 2017 will be sure to see a whole new list of essential pics for the #instatraveller.


The Planner

The planner knows what they will be doing every hour of every day of their holiday, way before it has even begun. Lots of research has gone into their holiday, hours talking to their travel agent as well as hours on the internet making sure they are visiting all of the essential attractions. They are easily spotted at the airport as arriving before the check in even opens and getting to their departure gate a good hour before necessary. The planner will not miss any must see attraction and from their hours of research on trip advisor will not be caught out by a hotel that has falsely advertised its property.



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