10 Things They Don’t Tell You

About being a Teacher on an International School Trip

Traveling is amazing and life changing, and traveling with students is incredibly rewarding for both the teachers and the students…. you know there’s a but coming and it’s a big one…. BUT it’s not a holiday.
At Travel Design we specialise in school group travel and we know all about that, the hours the teachers put in prior to departure that go so far beyond their working hours is just the tip of the iceberg. As a little shout out to our awesome teacher friends and a bit of insight to those who haven’t been in the driving seat of a school trip here are 10 things they don’t tell you about being a teacher on an international school trip.

1 To even begin to get this trip off the ground you need to have buckets of passion and be determined… it’s a long, at times tough, but completely worth it, road to take.

2. The Risk Management process that you will go through is enough to tear your hair out… or go completely grey.

3 When you are 100% sure that the numbers going are final and complete one student is guaranteed to pull out (Every. Single. Time.)

4 Your first trip you will make mistakes.

5 The day of departure at the airport is what it is all about, the parents handing over their most precious possession and trusting you to keep them safe is so special, you feel the trust and it makes you understand that what you are doing is pretty incredible.

6 Sleep….. What sleep! You may get the same sleep as a new parent as you patrol the hotel corridors making sure all the students are in the room they are supposed to be in and not getting up to any extracurricular activities.

7 When you walk down a cobblestone street in Paris and you spot the most incredible wine bar and you allow yourself to daydream that you are sipping on a glass of Chardonnay and being the embodiment of a chic Parisian your heart might break just the smallest bit as you rally up the troops and continue on to another museum.

8 No matter how organised you are, no matter how much you want your itinerary to go exactly to plan there is no escaping that you are traveling and the travel gods like to laugh at the best laid plans, bringing your sense of adventure on your trip is mandatory.

9 When one of your students finds their compassion in an orphanage in India, or the realisation of what it really meant for our soldiers whilst trekking Kokoda hits them you know that it is all worthwhile and you realise why you do what you do.

10 We at Travel Design will be on your speed dial… and possibly become your best friend throughout the whole process. We will be there when you first come up with an idea for the trip and show you how to translate it into a trip, we will talk you through the risk assessment and we will be at the information session answering any sticky questions from parents. You will call and email us more than you could imagine… with questions that you never thought you would need the answer to (we love it I promise, and to steal a teacher’s line, there is honestly no such thing as a stupid question). We will wave you off at the airport and be on call if you have any issues while you are travelling.

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