Our Team

One of the managing directors of Travel Design International, Pat has spent most of his career as a politician. Pat represented Benalla for the National Party from 1982 to 2000 and was the leader of the National Party in Victoria from 1988 to 1999, and was the Deputy Premier of Victoria under Jeff Kennett from 1992 to 1999. One of his many roles was Minister for Tourism, where he gained a strong insight into the tourism industry.

Kate has been a Director of Travel Design International since 2012. Kate brings a strong understanding of the requirements for corporate travel after completing commerce and economics degrees as well as work experience as a strategic consultant in the UK and Australia. She enjoys working with corporate to find the most effective and efficient processes for arranging and booking travel. Kate loves to travel and has been to 46 countries most recently Guatemala, Belize and Mexico as well as rafted down the Grand Canyon.

Rob is the Operations Manager of Travel Design International and is the heart and soul of the agency. Rob has worked at Travel Design for nine years and what he doesn’t know about travel isn’t worth knowing. At the end of 2013 Rob was awarded “Travel Consultant of the Year 2013” by the Magellan Travel Group (an invitation only network of 90 independent travel agents from across Australia). He is incredibly passionate about travel and his favourite destination is Kyoto in Japan. His favourite thing about his job is working with his amazing team of consultants and fostering the relationships with clients who have booking through him for years.

Meagan has been working at Travel Design International for seven years, before TDI Meagan worked on Cruise Ships and has circumnavigated the globe six times. Meagan’s loves the beach and her favourite places to travel to are Santorini and Portugal. Meagan specialises in Corporate Travel and what she loves most about her job is planning international trips and the great team environment at TDI. Meagan is loved by clients for her never ending patience and positive attitude to everything she works on.

Cade is the resident jack of all trades at Travel Design International, while he specialises in group bookings he also looks after corporate bookings, brand positioning, tech support and everything in between! When you book with Cade you can be guaranteed of his strong attention to detail and very high level of customer service. Cade’s favourite places to travel are Istanbul and Uzbekistan and what he loves about his job is the challenge of discovering a way for things to be achievable, whether for travel requirements or something outside of this.

Denise has been working in the tourism industry for 10 years and has been planning and organising school group tours for the last four years. She loves combining travel with fitness and the outdoors and her favourite travel experience was trekking Kokoda. Denise’s favourite country to visit is Ireland and she lived there for two years using it as a base to explore Europe. Denise specialises in group travel and school group travel is what she loves most about her job.